Who plagiarises a game review?

Today’s Installment of the Internet is a stupid place features Bulgarian game review site: playhard-bg.com. Milen from playhard-bg.com emailed me when Amgygdala came out on Steam earlier this month requesting a Steam key so they could write a review. I was happy to oblige because any press is good press.
Today they released their review and I quickly put it through google translate to see their thoughts.

Except they weren’t their thoughts. They were the clearly clearly plagiarised from a review Steam user Kyleblane. The review was an early one and highly critical of the game because, at the time, the original writer didn’t understand a lot of the game’s mechanics. Since that review was put up on Steam the game has had an update patch that expands the tutorial text and user interface indicators and Kyleblane has said that now he understands the bits he didn’t he enjoys the game a lot more.

But this means that in order for this review to appear on playhard-bg.com they had to email me to request a Steam key, wait aa week and a half, not play the game at all in that time and then copy a now irrelevant review from the Steam community page and post it to their site in Bulgarian as if it were their own work.

I know you’re not supposed to read the comments/reviews but I’m a person who tries to find useful feedback in constructive criticism in an attempt to make my work better in future. To see such absolute laziness in inaccurately criticising our product has me more confused and angry than the crazy person who said we were all going to hell.



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