Broken Mountains

Broken Mountains is a sidescrolling zen action game set to the song Mountain Building by Ian Barber that I made in a day. I’m interested in the way game design can interact with other media and so this was an attempt to create a “playable music video” for a song, where the mechanics along with other aesthetics attempt to serve and enhance the music rather than the traditional other way around. Gameplay is based on 2D Space Shooter Starter Kit from Cinopt Studios.

Make sure to also check out Ian’s other music on his Blog and Soundcloud and his latest album on Google Play

W/S/Up/Down to move.
Blue orbs build up your charge.
Brace (left shift) to protect yourself and break through asteroids and cortexes which drop blue orbs, but be sparing, it uses up charge.
Once you’re fully charged up you can fire with spacebar.

Download Executable: Windows Mac Linux

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