Updated walkthrough of my Indieweb reader/response UX

I thought I’d do a quick update of how it looks using whisperfollow to aggregate and respond to posts from RSS/Atom and MF2 h-feed feeds.

My subscriptions are managed using WordPresses blogroll. Every five minutes Whisperfollow polls a subset of these links. If they have an RSS URL defined then whisperfollow fetches the feed and adds any new items using WordPresses RSS parsing functions. If there is no RSS URL Defined then it attempts to parse the page itself as MF2 and aggregate any posts found in a h-feed there.

On activation Whisperfollow creates a page on your wordpress blog called “following”. When you’re logged in and visit that page you get presented with a timeline of all the posts aggregated from your blogroll subscriptions in a single feed, most recent at the top. These are loaded through ajax using the WordPress Json API. This allows for the page to infinite scroll as you go through, though the search and page fields at the top also allow you to skip through to specific content.


Each post has a reblog button at the bottom and pressing that opens the wordpress new post screen in a new popup window.
One the new post screen is loaded the whisperfollow window prepopulates the title and response fields and selects the post kind and whispers post category.
The post is then displayed on the blog including it’s context. A webmention is sent to the post being responded to and POSSE is sent to twitter and tumblr. If the post is originally from twitter or tumblr the response is shown as a native reblog/replytweet.
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