Hey guys,
MachineSpirit is about to launch it’s first game, Amygdala! We’re super excited and also super nervous. We’re launching the game on the 17th at The Pad Bar and lounge:

Amygdala is our action platformer with dynamically generated levels and a pretty awesome array of different enemies. The game follows the adventures of a man who is left as a disembodied head after being attacked by a dimension travelling wizard. He follows the wizard through a portal to another world and then proceeds to bounce around exploring the world and doing general platformer type things in an attempt to find and defeat the wizard that wronged him.

Initially the project started as fiddle piece while I learned the libgdx/box2d systems, hence the enthralling premise, but then I submitted it to the AVCon Indie Games Room 2013 as a bit of a laugh. When they accepted me I had to rope in a mate for extra code help and my partner for “good art”. We got an large and really positive response there and kept pottering away at the game for the rest of the year. In February, however, I lost my job so after six months of jobhunting and as much polishing as I can muster we’re now gonna actually jump in the deep end do the thing.

We’ve got a website you can check out here with more details, media, etc about the game including links to some good let’s play videos on youtube:

And as of the 17th you will be able to purchase the game for $9.99 on the MachineSpirit.net website, Desura and a bunch of other online digital platforms and for $4.99 on the android store.

I’m working hard as I can on media stuff but if you guys could spread this around to your different peoples for me that would be amazing. If you’re in Adelaide check the facebook event and come along and meet us!

Also: if you’re a media person, if you have a popular gaming channel/blog/zine/website/whatever send me an email at acegiak@gmail.com or admin@machinespirit.net and I’ll see about getting you a media preview copy of the game for you to review/play/etc.

Thanks heaps, wonderful people. See you on the other side of the portal!

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