We were talking about this today. The reason Australians don’t do Halloween properly is because if we did it in an Australian way it would be morbid as fuck. Have you seen Australian cinema? Yeah we have our feel good stuff and our comedies etc. But then we decide to put things on the screen like that short film with the dad realising he’s been bitten by a zombie and trying to work out how to protect his baby girl from himself and get her to saftey as he turns, or The Kiss by Ashlee Page with a teen girl having to use the body of her drowned friend to stay alive trapped in a water tank that they went drunk swimming in. If you want ghost stories, like actually make you scared to walk through a fully lit empty house type creepy tales, Adam Phillips has a collection of Australian spooky stories for you here:
Here’s a hint: don’t read them.

If Australia decided to do Halloween properly the entire fucking country would still be traumatized by Christmas.

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