I’m currently experimenting with putting titles on my blog in my handwriting.

I’ve been curious about the idea of having a font of my handwriting in the past but been put off by the amount of work require. Recently, however, Nedroid recommended the services of yourfonts.com who will convert handwriting to a font for $10. Considering that it would have taken me hours to do it myself I went ahead and forked over my cash. The process was simple and the results were pretty good. So now I have a .ttf font of my handwriting.

To use my new font on my site I made use of onlinefontconverter.com/ to get a .woff and a .eof version of the font. I’ve also got a child theme of Sempress set up for the custom css and javascript on my site. I created a folder in my child theme’s directory called acegiakfont and put my .woff and .eof files in it and added the following code to my custom css:

@font−face {
 font−family: 'acegiak2014';
 font−style: normal;
 src: url('acegiakfont/Acegiak2014.eot');
 src: local('acegiak2014'), url('acegiakfont/Acegiak2014.eot') format('embedded−opentype'), url('acegiakfont/Acegiak2014.woff') format('woff');

 font−family: 'acegiak2014' , "Droid Sans", "Helvetica", "Arial", sans−serif;!important;

The first section defines the custom font face and the files to load for them and the second just defines which elements to use the font for.

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