Ok. I’m gonna jump in here because I have the answer to your situation exactly.

I’m reblogging this and replying from my own website.

I have a WordPress blog which has a couple of plugins installed that make this possible.

The first is WhisperFollow. I’ve been working on WhisperFollow for several years now. It’s a dashboard aggregator. It takes a list of blogs you want to follow and then gets their posts and displays them is a dashboard like tumblr.

Secondly is a hacked version of Microblog Poster that I’m reworking into a new standalone plugin. Microblog Poster is a great plugin that lets push your posts from your wordpress blog to other services like twitter, facebook and tumblr. I’ve hacked my version so that when I reblog something from tumblr is whisperfollow it does it as an actual reblog on my tumblr.

And the great part is that because I’m outside the closed tumblr ecosystem I can follow,like, reblog and comment on anything! These are all parts of the Indieweb movement, an attempt to take our socialmedia interactions away from big companies and back into our own hands where we can can control how we interact.

I’ve got my plugin set up to post linkbacks at the end of tumblr posts so click the link to see how this post looks on my website and drop me a line if you want to have a go!

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