This year has had a lot of ten year anniversaries for things that I think are important to me like my relationship with BlackwoolHoliday, roleplaying games, important friendships and a bunch of other things. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Identity and Memory recently and about how different a person I am than five years ago and how different again I was five years before that. As I’ve been mulling these things over and my 26th birthday approaches I’ve decided to have a go at a project.

I’m going to ask a few people who are important to me to write a letter to me as if I have, for whatever reason, forgotten my identity. The aim here is twofold, one is as an exploration of myself in the now. To see what I, as a complex individual, appear to be through the differing lenses of those around me. The second is as a time capsule. My intention is to undergo the same process in another five years and five years again after that. Hopefully this will create an interesting way to look at how I and my relationships with those around me change over the long cycle of life.

I hope this project can be a work of meaningful collaborative introspection and not just narcissistic navel gazing, but I won’t know until I have a go.

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