“Commnader, The invasion of Sol 3 has failed”
“What? Why? It’s most primary inhabitants are small creatures that feed off bipedal fat-sacks that they keep docile with hypnotic lightboxes! What could have gone wrong?”
“Commander, they have something called an ‘Australia’. It is like nothing we’ve ever seen.”
“What kind of weapon is this ‘Australia’?”
“It is not a weapon, but an entire continent filled with venom, fire and other dangers”
“But surely we can just avoid that continent until the rest of the planet is subdued.”
“We thought this also, so our troops fell back to the larger continent called ‘Africa’.”
“Were you more successful there?”
“No Commander, we encountered ‘Hippopotamus’.”
“I can see the devastation in your eyes, subordinate. We shall leave this forsaken system at once.”

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