The correct response to this bullshit is as follows:

Just because the W3C makes something a standard doesn’t mean we actually have to use it.
Find/Use/Build browsers, websites and content distribution networks that do things fucking properly.
Just because all your friends are on facebook doesn’t mean you have to be on it.
Get your own social page that you own and run. Join the indieweb ( fuck the people who want to own your content.
Just because your ISP is connected to the internet doesn’t mean all your digital communication has to go through them.
Set up a WAN for your street/town/city. Host websites, share content, talk freely without buying into the government/corporate partnership to spy on you and limit the communication medium you pay for.

And don’t feel scared of these options being smaller or less convenient than what already exists. You can use one system one minute when you need access to the massive power of the corporate internet and then you can switch over to your alternative solutions in the next. You can build bridges between them and be in all those places at once.

Just remember:
If you don’t like the game you can always refuse to play.

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