I went around there, we played boardgames, we drank tea. I brought my own tea from home, a Russian earl grey that I received for my birthday. We were up pretty late so I decided that I’d crash there on their couch.
The next morning I hung around their place for a little bit and then, after a while, headed home. Then I realised I didn’t have any plans for the day and I really didn’t want it to be just me browsing reddit and tumblr so I sent out a text message to a bunch of friends and we decided on a tabletop games and fish and chips night. Brendan, Iona and Cody came around. We all jumped in Cody’s cat, went and got fish and chips from the local shop, came back and played table top games until late in the night.
At some point during the night I received a text message from Julia and Eli suggesting that I should be at their place at ten o’clock sharp the next morning for a mystery adventure.
When I got up the next morning I realised that I couldn’t find my wallet anywhere. I rang Cody and it turns out I’d left it in his cat, so I jumped in my cat, had a bout a half tank of fuel, headed down there and grabbed my wallet. Then I jumped back in my cat to go to Julia and Eli’s and suddenly my gauge read empty. Now I’ve known that my fuel gauge has been empty for a while so I wasn’t sure if it was lying about the having been half full or about the being empty. I went and filled it up and it turns out it had been nearly empty.

I then made my way to Julia and Eli’s and they took me to Monarto Zoo[wikipedia]. It was a bit cooler for the middle of summer so the animals were taking the opportunity to move around more. At one on we were being followed by giraffes. We saw bongos. I didn’t even know bongos were an animal and Mongolian wild horses are the coolest shit. We then went to the seasonal garden, for a late lunch.
Then we went back to their place. They pointed out that I’d left my tea there on New Year’s Eve and so I put it with my things so I wouldn’t forget it later when I left. We were gonna watch the new episode of Sherlock anyway and then Julia’s sister came around so we had to introduce her to firefly when we found out she’d never seen it and then we got Emily on a video call because she’s in Iceland and we all miss her and then it was suddenly very late so I crashed at their place on their couch again.
The next morning I grabbed all my things, including my tea this time, put them in my cat and headed around to my parent’s place to give my sister a hand with a couple of technical things. After I’d finished there I jumped back in my cat and the fuel gauge read empty again.
I knew that it wasn’t empty because I’d done like fifteen kilometers so I headed to the servo just to see how much it needed. The answer was about five litres so I grabbed some iced coffee and an icecream and then I realised that I didn’t have my wallet on me. I walked back to my parents place and grabbed some cash, came back and payed the cashier at the servo, got in my cat and headed back to Julia and Eli’s to pick up my wallet.
After I’ve gone and gotten my wallet, as I’m walking back to the cat, I spot on teh ground; my box of russian earl grey tea on teh road, slightly crumpled. Obviously it had fallen out of the door of the cat when I’d been loading things in and I hadn’t noticed it. But I never would have gotten it back if I hadn’t left my wallet at Julia and Eli’s.
So hopefully my new year is going to be filled with serenidipitous coincidences, boardgames and mysterious adventures and not repeatedly losing my wallet, misplacing tea and not knowing how much fuel I’ve got.
The question is, what kind of context does your first week of the year provide for this next chapter of your life?

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