Tonight on my many varied adventures around the city I stumbled upon Mass Adelaide this amazing installation artwork piqued my curiosity just long enough to completely enthrall me. I paused for a moment to see what it was and I recognized the monitors were hooked up to a camera with a slitscan video processor on it, but I didn’t expect the result of the effect on a live stream to be so mesmerizing. I stood and watched for what felt like forever but was probably closer to thirty minutes as the people walking past swirled across the screens like nautiluses or , depending on how close they were. I tried a few experimental movements to see how they would appear on the screen but ultimately I just stood still, transfixed. My lack of movement left me still on the screen, a fixed object in the warped spacetime like the inanimate streetscape setting as people and cars fell around me in streams, unable to move because of the jarring reflection of even the smallest shift in posture. I thought to try and record it or take a photo but to do so would have completely missed the piint of the experience I was having; the experience of stepping out of time for a moment and letting the world continue to whirl past me. I thought of the viewing of time as a dimension like space and how for that section of spacetime I was consistent, the shifting sandstorm of me was calm, each grain sitting for a moment in the air. After a while, I was ready to step back into time, back into the world and I continued on my way, somehow cleansed by the experience.

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