Amygdala is a platforming action-adventure game for Linux, Mac and Windows in which a disembodied head ventures forth into a mystical world of treacherous obstacles, cunning traps and dastardly enemies to confront the wizard that stole his body.It was released by MachineSpirit in 2014 and greenlit and published on Steam in 2015.

The game is built for Linux, Mac and Windows using LibGDX, Box2d and a modified version of Box2dLights for display at the Indie Games Room at Avcon 2013. I roped Sam Entropy(Sam Morris) and Blackwoolholiday(Emily McAllan) to help me with the code and art respectively. It features a large menagerie of enemies and dynamically generated levels with multiple themes. As project instigator I became lead game designer and developer implementing of the game’s core mechanics and play style and it’s various mobs. The game received an hugely positive reaction on début at the Indie Games Room and launched on October 17 2014 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

In 2015 Amygdala was Greenlit and released on Steam. It also appeared again at the 2015 AVCon Indie Games room.




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