Tom Hiddleston performs Henry V Monologue : ‘That was probably better than  when I did it in the movie actually’

Can I just point out that he doesn’t blink during the whole performance and we can actually see tears appear in his eyes.

In the ‘bonus gif’ you can see he wipes away his tears.

God, this man’s passion…

I’m not a huge fan of Shakespeare’s history plays, but because tom hiddleston, I watched the hollow crown series. And it was pretty damn good. This speech is actually awesome. And yes, hiddleston makes it infinitely better. Because I had recently watched the hollow crown, I suggested this speech to one of my year 11s for him to study. And he liked it. But he didn’t know who Tom hiddleston is and also hadn’t seen avengers. So boo to him.

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Tom Hiddleston performs…

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