Zoo Bingo!


Zoo Bingo!

In zoo bingo you each print off a bingo sheet with a number of animals listed on it and then as a group walk around the zoo with your cameras or camera phones. When you take a photo of an animal you are allowed to cross it off your sheet.

When you have five animals in a row crossed off (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) you yell “BINGO!” If you are the first to do so, you win. You can continue to play after this to determine who takes second place, third place, etc.
I wanted to play Zoo Bingo for my birthday but needed something to generate the bingo cards. I remembered building something similar in php in high school populated with a list of stupid things one of our teachers would repeatedly say. I quickly reconstructed it with a (apparently incorrect) list of animals at the Adelaide Zoo from Wikipedia and we went off to play out game. But I wanted to be able to have it work for any zoo and so I added the ability to upload and read CSV lists of items.

BlackwoolHoliday made a video of us playing several years ago:


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