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this google plus post which links to and discusses this post on their website which for some reason cites this tumblr post as the source for this XKCD comic.

Knowing how G+ self moderation works, my comment on the original G+ link will probably be disappeared so I’m just gonna chuck it here as a little open letter:

Dear G4TV, this is fucking ridiculous. Not only have you reposted this to your site without further development, gaining ad revenue from someone else’s content without putting in any work yourselves, but, despite attributing it to XKCD in your G+ link, your original article lists the source as a tumblr post which has reposted the comic without acknowledgement of the original author. I cannot pretend to understand what kind of foul abuse of logic and sanity has led you to do such a thing.

I am aware this kind of bullshit is not out of character for your site, attributing works to such credible sources as 9gag, but at least in those equally lazy circumstances you could plead ignorance. In this case however I am dumbfounded and appalled by your sheer levels of internet balls-faced-ness.

Just so you know, it took 8 seconds for me to find the original source:

Eight seconds.

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