Our B9 Kingdom Kickstarter has reached over $65,000 with 1,096 backers, and we’ve still got two weeks to go! You guys are the best!

I thought I’d do a followup since we’re at the halfway mark. For those who don’t know, Benign Kingdom is a collection of exclusive art books self-published by some the top talent in comics. This seasons there are four books (from me, Danielle Corsetto, Emmy Ciceriga and Anthony Clark) collecting each of the best our respective portfolios. Contributing to our Kickstarter can get you both digital and physical copies of our books, as well as some other great items like prints.

If you’re wondering what’s in my book, it includes some of my redesigns, lots brand new art and many of my “single image” stories like this: 

A modest contribution can get you one of these books or all of them, you should check it out if you haven’t already!

WOWSERS AARON I’m even more excited to get your book now hahah

Mine has stuff like this in it


Again, thanks to EVERYONE who has even taken the time to look at our kickstarter, let alone pledge to it. You guys!!! Da best

And here’s a little taste of mine!

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Our B9 Kingdom Kickstarter has reached…

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