Our first real day in HongKong began with a quest to find an A.T.M. we thought the hotel assistant was crazy when she directed us to a shopping center several blocks away but they really are stupidly rare. I suspect that wight the proliferation of Eftpos and the HongKong Octopus Cars they are simply closer to being a cashless society thanwe are at home. In wandering the streets we discovered a Muji store and Emily’s eyes lit up. I’d previously passed Mini off as an IKEA lookalike and I don’t even like IKEA that much but Emily took me in and converted me. The place is brilliant. I won’t go on, check it out. Soon after finally leaving Muji we found Times Square which is certainly the tallest shopping center I’ve been in. We dined on weird magically soft maybe gelatin infused cakes and got money out of it’s single A.T.M.
After heading back to the hotel to pay the other part of room deposit we ventured west before being quickly sidetracked south and uphill by beautiful trees, a Sikh temple and glimpses of a beautiful grave yard. As we climbed the hill road admiring the vistas with their buildings rising out of the greenery some still wrapped in cocoons, we found an entrance to what we lager discovered was the HongKong Cemetery. Exploring the graveyard was a magical experience with nature’s encroachment simply winning over the ends.of many outlying paths. It felt exploring a jungle that just happened to be filled with graves.

When we did finally emerge we had to go take a nap in our hotel room before heading out try and find the waterfront at causeway bay. After bustling through rush hour foot traffic for most of the way we found the shipping yard marking the waterfront in front of HongKong’s World Trade Center. We then spent a long time hunting for somewhere for dinner before settling on Red Ant near Times Square which was delicious and cheap and dessert at Chung Kee Dessert nearby which was Disgusting.

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