Emily and I have embarked on our honeymoon. Three days in Hong Kong and a Week in Beijing. The idea being that Emily, having visited Hong Kong before, and I, having visited Beijing, could show each other the cities we’d previously been to in our lonesome. The flight over from Adelaide was three fifths of awesome though delayed by a good four hours or so due to bad weather at our destination. We ended up with mainly eight hours of darkness it the window but I enjoyed watching pockets of lightning erupt in distant tropical thunderstorms to the sound of a poupourri of classical music from the in-flight entertainment system. When we landed at one in the morning our shuttle bus to the hotel was nowhere to be found but luckily after a few minutes of wondering what to do we met Raymond Ng, driver and tour operator, who had been doing shuttle runs all day but was happy to do one last detour on his way home for a discount fare (he was in a suit at another desk, proper legit). Having saved us from the limbo HonkKong airport desk B12 Ray then answered all our questions about HongKong and suggested sites to see during our stay. We arrived at the hotel very late, myself totally speechless with the sheer scale of the city through which we had just passed, it’s population, density, geography, and engineering feats beyond anything I’ve ever seen in the wide brown land. By the time I climbed into bed I was ready for dreaming.

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