WhisperFollow is a plugin for wordpress written in PHP that enables Tumblr like social blogging on your wordpress blog from across the web by aggregating Microformats2 enhanced webpages and RSS/Atom feeds and allowing reblogging with comments.

It does create a new post category for “whispers” into which all reblogs will be posted though one can then edit the new posts as one likes. If one wants to exclude this whispers category from any section of wordpress such as their frontpage (so landing users only see original content) I recommend Simply Exclude.

Once installed navigate to the page with the slug “following” eg “yoursite.com/blog/following”.

This content on this wall page is visible only to you unless you reblog items.

WhisperFollow 1.5 :

  • Added support for media attachments in feed items.
  • Added search function
  • Added page skip function

WhisperFollow 1.4 :

  • Major Rejiggering to the interface. Now with fancy new infinite scrolling!
  • The metadata for reblogs etc has also changed to align with some vague indieweb conspiracy
  •  now has plugin dependencies indieweb-custom-taxonomy and json-api so get those

WhisperFollow 1.3.0- Many minor bugfixes, Added Reply-Context metadata to reblog whispers, Added support for reading MF2 pages as part of ongoing effort to make plugin indieweb friendly

WhisperFollow 1.2.4 – Fixed the error preventing whispers to actually be added to the wall created from last bugfix

WhisperFollow 1.2.3 – Fixed installation errors created by the logging function >.<

WhisperFollow 1.2.2 – Improved Stability and changed logging to Fixed length FIFO to avoid explosions.

WhisperFollow 1.2.1 – Bugfix. Items from PuSH updates now actually get sent to aggregation.

WhisperFollow 1.2.0 – PubSubHubbub Subscription robustified. Should now autodetect and subscribe to PuSH hubs.

WhisperFollow1.1.3 – Fixed logging capability.

WhisperFollow1.1.2 – Fixed bugs from wordpress 3.5 preventing aggregation from occurring

WhisperFollow1.1.1 – Fixed new scheduling bug

WhisperFollow 1.1.0 – Fixed links for installs without permalinks & Added test pubsubhubbub subscription!

WhisperFollow 1.0.2 – Scheduling Bugfix.

WhisperFollow 1.0 – Initial release.

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