Infinite Ski Run

infiniteski infiniteski2 infiniteski3 infiniteski4

Infinite Ski Run is an modern take on the classic Skifree but developed to be compatible with hardware for cerebral palsy rehabilitation.

A group assignment for the uni topic “IT Project”, Infinite Ski Run was built by Paul Brokensha, Trevor Brokensha, Chris Norman, Daniel Pearson, Mark Wandner and myself to be incorporated into the ‘Rehabilitation Gaming’ project by Mr David HobbsSchool of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics at Flinders University.

The project was to be coded in Microsoft’s XNA game studio and utilize the Xbox controller (also works with keyboard) so that it would be compatible with a special controller being developed for rehabilitiation.

My responsibilities were Art Creation & Rendering and Mob coding. I also stuck my nose into terrain generation and the physics engine where I was needed. My primary goal was to have a simple, polished end product and with that in mind I am very proud of this project.

Download Infinite Ski Run

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