So at the moment I’ve got two assignments due by the end of the week and a third due by the week after. Blackwool and I are scrambling all our money and paper work together for the settlement of our land which is also at the end of the week and I’m similarly trying to sort out my new car. Additionally had a pretty impressive row with Dad which included him threatening both my life and his own. Though I know that shit was due to the situation (we borrowed his computer speakers and hadn’t cleaned the bathroom for a long time) it doesn’t help my stress level. Trying to keep it cool, dividing my work up into more manageable chunks etc but really I’m nauseous with stress at the moment. It’ll all be over soon.

And now to the scores:
6.5 Hours Sleep: 195
1 Hour Uni Meeting: 60
5 Hours Assignment: 300
Total Score: 555

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