I spent the morning at Blackwool’s watching Game Of Thrones then I went to work only to discover I wasn’t rostered on so I ran an errand for Dad and then headed home through the infuriating peak hour traffic. That evening I went to an ecovillage planning meeting to present our house plans before coming home and kicking ass on my group assignment work for several hours. Plus I finished my book.

8 hours sleep: 240
1 hour meeting: 90
3 hours uni: 180
1/2 hour reading: 30
Total score: 540

Was up bright and early for work which was, that day, quite stressful and tiring but that doesn’t really excuse my childish behaviour when I got home.

8 hours sleep: 240
9 hours work: 270
Rudeness to Blackwool: – 60
Total score: 450

Work was immediately followed by a bonfire party for mum which we hung at for ages. Then we came home and me Moose and Radhorse played a latenight game of munchkin.
8 hours sleep: 240
8 hours work: 240
5 hours bonfire: 300
1 hour munchkin: 30
Total score: 810th

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