So I haven’t posted a journal entry in a week. That’s bad. Let’s see what happened.

Was up way too late the night before but work wasn’t too bad so I survived. Got home and tried to prepare computer for wiLANga.

5.5 Hours Sleep: 165
8 Hours Work: 240
4 Hours Wilanga Prep: 120
Total Score: 425

This was wiLANga. The LAN party I organise every six months or so. It went well though we had less people than previous events but it meant less panicing for me.

11 Hours Sleep: 330
6 Hours wiLANga prep: 360
12 Hours wiLANga:1080
6 Hours wiLANga cleanup: 360

Total Score for Weekend: 2130
Average Daily Score: 1065

I think that’s a new High Score!

I pretended to be useful, minecrafted a lot.
8 Hours Sleep: 240
Total Score: 240

I played a lot of minecraft and then we won at laser tag!
9 Hours Sleep: 270
1 Hour Laser Tag: 60
Total Score: 330

FUCK I have no idea what happened yesterday.

Wetook Emily’s cat to the vet, went shopping and picked up Mum’s birthday present, Pathfinder books and a few other personal items. By the time we got home it was time to go pick up my NEW old CAR. 1984 Celica Supra, Bitches!
7 Hours Sleep: 210
1 Hour Cat Escorting: 60
4 Hours Shopping: 120
2 Hours Picking Up Car: 240
Total Score: 414

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