Wednesday was largely taken up by websafe taking pictures of Blackwool at their house. Other than that and the associated socialising not a lot happened.

7 Hours Sleep: 210
7 Hours Semisocial: 210
Total Score: 420

Thursday has been silly. Got up at 10.30 went for a walk, went to work which was quite intense and then went to see Real Steel at the cinema which was quite lovely. Now I’m up late getting all the things done that need to be done before tomorrow because I didn’t realise I’d be working 9 till 5 which is gonna suck seeing as it’s already nearly 2am.

7 Hours Sleep: 210
1 Hour Walking: 90
5 Hours Work: 150
1/2 Hour Uni: 30
2.5 Hours Cinema: 45
Total Score: 525

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