Today I had to be at work at eight so I was up at six fifty. I got bad breakfast on the way including what was technically an iced coffee but I don’t understand why, in south Australia, it wasn’t a Farmers Union. Surely everyone in S.A. knows that unless you ask for a NON-Farmers Union Iced Coffee it is the default. Work was pleasantly between busy and quiet in a way I like though towards the end of the day I started having a mini freakout while serving a customer. I managed to hold it together. I went and had dinner at Blackwool’s and we watched Dr Who but I was still feeling really upset for some reason so when we came back to my place I went upstairs alone to make tea and had a little weep. Dad overheard and waited for me to finish before coming in, giving me a hug and pretending I had hayfever. It’s moments like this that I remember how much I love my dad. Managed to get a bit of united work done afterwards but I was still a bit shaken so it was slow going.

7 hours sleep: 210
8.5 hours work: 255
1 hour uni: 60
2 Hours Blackwool: 120
Total score : 645

Sunday hit list:

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