Got up around 11 after going to bed around 4. Played some minecraft, sent a bunch of organising emails and got ready for work. Rocked up discovered I’d stuffed up my roster again and had missed my shift but stayed and worked a different shift instead. Work was quiet but I made a bit of commission off a couple of intense customers and then got to knock off early to go see Lion King in 3D which I will review tomorrow cause I’m in no mood to do so now. It rocked though. I got home and played minecraft with my people for a while which was nice but now it’s two fourty and I’m uber annoyed cause the game keeps trolling me. So I’m opting for bed.

7 Hour sleep: 210
4.5 hours work: 135
3 hours minecraft: 30
1 hour organising: 60

Total Score: 445

Hit list for Friday:
Do 2 sprites.
Put away clothes.
Clean back room a bit.
Ask about house cantilever and window.

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