Today I pretty much did sweet fuck all. I got up, had my breakfast grapefruit and proceeded to play minecraft all fucking day. I’ll admit that the progress made in that microcosmic matrix was impressive. I conpleted my clocktower, started furnishing my house and set up a pretty sweet parkour course through the town. @Deviant’s place, by the way, is looking amazing. He’s taken to the notion of “quaint” which is encouraged on our server with the epic amounts of time, energy and planning that characterise his minecraft largerthanlifestyle.

I did break breifly in the evening to eat dinner with Blackwool and start devouring the latest Pratchett to enter my library; “Witches Abroad”.
Anyway, I’m not expecting today’s score to be high but I’m not entirely distraught about that.

8 hours Sleep: 240
12 hours minecraft: 180
Total score: 420

Hit list for thursay:
two more sprites
Get washing in
Go to work

Ps. Now it’s 4.30 am. Fuckbuns.

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