Today was Blackwool’s and my seventh anniversary! We awoke early around 8ish to attend a work related errand of Blackwool’s which was only half successful. Then I realised I was late for my nine o’clock appointment with Dr. Butterfield so I dashed off there for a short check in before rushing back to give Blackwool her anniversary present a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. She was rapt and I totally kept it a secret. Then we went off location scouting for the wedding and had a picnic brunch of awesome Blackwool prepared goodness. Then we ducked into uni for a group assignment meeting before heading home for chinese dinner and epuc minecrafting adventures!

7 hours sleep: 210
.5 hours psych : 30
3 hours Location scouting/picnic: 360
1 hour uni meeting : 60
5 hours social gaming : 225
1 hour cleaning : 60

Total score: 945
New high score!

Hit list for tuesay:
Finish cleaning downstairs
Complete static rotation for skier.

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