I set my alarm for seven and got up at seven twenty. I left home at eight exactly and picked up breakfast before arriving at work dead on time. I was on tech bar again today, which I’m learning to enjoy as I feel I’ve got the necessary skills to do it well. While at work I organised a way for Blackwool to meet me at work after her first aid training day. Unfortunately that plan didn’t work but she did get there in the end. We then went to Spligitmoose’s place for an epic game of Dnd in which my favoured soul Bismut crashed an oxcart into a bar in an attempt to save Joe the party’s bard from a harmless barkeep, framed himself for a crime the party were investigating and then was killed by the sister of one of the crime’s victims, sending him to limbo. From limbo he then travelled to ysgard and spent years of metatime learning the ways of the Raziel’s fists and ending up with a sword made from part of his soul.

All in all a well executed day.

6.5 hours sleep: 195
8 hours work: 240
6 hours DnD: 180
Total Score: 615

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