What time did I get up? Nine-ish I think? I was gonna spend this morning drawing more sprites but bukkit came out for minecraft 1.8 so that happened instead. It’s all now up and running pretty smoothly with a nice dynamic map, the Old Gallows’ End tavern and surprisingly peaceful endermen. This is despite a meteor shower and multiple crashes along the way. Only a bug with containers is really bothering us now.

At work I spent most of the day on tech-bar which is exciting because I would love to do that all the time but haven’t got the training yet and there’s not enough positions going.

After work twincam and I went and saw Fright Night at the cinema. I initially felt bad because Blackwool would want to see the shirtless Tennant scenes but she wouldn’t want to see the gore scenes so in the end seeing it with Cam was another awesome decision.
Came home and spent more time fixing the minecraft server and then posted a review of the film.

All up, not a bad go.

8 hours sleep: 240
5 hours work: 150
8 hours games: 160
Total Score: 550

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