I enjoyed today even though it wasn’t the most productive. I visited the doctor for a checkup which i’ve been meaning to do for ages. I also had coffee with mum and dad which was lovely. After that I visited the library to find out if their computers can play minecraft. They can’t. I intended to spend the rest of the day drawing sprites for our uni project but my wacom is broken so i’m gonna have to use emily’s. The new version of inkscape, however, is awesome so tomorrow i’m gonna have great fun drawing a skier from a bunch of different directions. I spent alot of this afternoon fiddling with things like transmission and tf2, making them work slightly better etc. We then played laser tag this evening but left after the second game ’cause we weren’t having much fun. Something about the new format along with having more people and all the shouting was just a bit too annoying. Afterwards I watched the new karate kid movie before bed. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but I like Jackie Chan and he made it work for me.

Score for today:
8.5hours sleep – 255
Hour at the doctor’s – 60
45 mins on uni work – 45
2laser tag games – 40
Total score: 400

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