Captains log, stardate 5/9/2011, 0200 hours.
AmĀ  up far too late for my own good again. To get up in time to attend university lectures I well benefit from slightly less than six hours rest. Need to reign in sleeping habits.
Had a late start today waking at 9.30 to work at Glenelg from 11 till 4. It was the quietest shift i’ve ever done. Working at a lisenced store was different but lack of customers meant it wasn’t any trouble. Used spare time to mend machinespirit lifestreaming thanks to Yann Dubois’ awesome buddystream rss syndication plugin for wordpress. Then DMed a rather neat adventure for our sunday group in which they defeated a clay golem and a purple worm with a penchant for demolition by summoning a heard of bison and then exorcised a vampire so forcefully that the demon was oblitterated rather than sent back to the abyss, leaving shadow suspenders on emily’s goliath.
Returned home earlyish in the night and then lost hours to the internet leading to my current sleep schedule based predicament. Now, to sleep to minimise damage to sanity.

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