So I start another blag.

It’s a little bit depressing.

Whereas before I had the continuity of spouts of posting over an extended period of time, I’ve now got a blank slate, and it’s not particularly inviting. I understand the various different types of web-logs, and the psychological niche that each fills. I suppose that’s why I always name mine the same thing – Hubris. Creating a weblog is almost always inherently vain. It assumes that one believes people actually care what one thinks and will take the time to read it.

I don’t think I go that far really.

I record my thoughts here MAINLY for my own sake, like a diary, but I make them public because there is always the lingering hope that someone will come along and go “hey! that idea you had: it was really cool and struck a chord with me!”

Also, I end up with a lot of complex theories and ideas that I worry I’ll forget the nuances of, so if I post them here I can always come back and go “oh yes! that’s what I was talking about. I wasn’t quite as mad as I now percieve myself to have been!”

See? that sentence’s timespeak just got completely out of control. The other advantage to this system is that when I do want to explain these very complex and interesting ideas to someone, I can give them a brief overview and then, to satisfy my urge to make sure people understand everything, just point them to the apropriate blog post.

In other words TLDR: here come ramblings.

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