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    here’s my photography piece i did on gender. it features me, an androgynous but conventionally attractive skinny white person, in two different photos. in one photo my unnaturally dyed hair is down and i’m wearing lipstick and winged eyeliner. in the other, my hair is styled up and i’m not wearing make up anymore. gender

    this is supposed to signify to everyone that im hot as both “a girl” and “a boy” because obviously long hair and makeup is girl and short hair and none is boy :) uwu

    u forgot the poses, timid & aggressive r the two genders

    the two genders:?“chin jutting out” vs. “looking away from camera demurely”

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I snatch these words and labels up out of the sand and wear them like paper crowns. Then,  an instant later, I look in the mirror and see that on my head they’re nothing more than cookie fortunes. There is no truth buried on this beach. I’m the one making maps for a treasure I imagine.


clarabeau:bf: (slow smile) what? me: nothin :)me, internally: but was “reservoir dogs” actually…

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    bf: (slow smile) what??
    me: nothin :)
    me, internally: but was?“reservoir dogs” actually meant to be that gay? the moony eyes, the first names, the hair combing, the shakespearean bloodbath, the tender cradling, the tortured deathbed confession. is tarantino capable of that kind of emotional sensitivity? even if he didn’t intend it, does it matter? can’t we assign meaning outside the intention of the artist? maybe the issue is not with tarantino, but with myself. am i ascribing homosexual undertones to a fundamentally paternal relationship, does my confusion about the nature of the interactions between mr. white and mr. orange reveal not only my own problematic expectations for “normal” male interactions, but the uneasy role of the Father in our society? truly the patriarchy confounds at every turn

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    adelaide gothic

    • ‘where are you from,’ you ask. ‘north, south, or east of the city?’?‘the west,’ they answer. the gulf st. vincent lives in their veins, in their blood. it pours out of their mouth, engulfing you. it is so salty.
    • the gawler line holds the title for?‘most recorded stabbings.’ who is doing the recording? why are these stats being collected? where do the survivors go? where do they go?
    • it’s so meticulously planned, the CBD. planned for what? only colonel light knows the answer. all we know for sure is that he’s not finished with the streets yet.
    • every night, the giant squid in the museum awakens, crawling from its eternal elevator shaft prison. ever seen the lights in the torrens flicker in fear?
    • no one ever actually volunteers for the Adelaide Fringe. all the workers are merely people who were trapped within the garden of unearthly delights when it closed the year before. they are so tired.
    • you are walking along Rundle when you see him, the charming old man that dances to the buskers. your eyes are drawn to him, and you feel the beat infect you. you join the man, abandoning your hard-won wares. you dance. the crowd dances. the busker consumes all.
    • the mall has balls. we don’t know why. no one has ever been able to offer an answer. they shine so bright, ensnaring all in its path. the tourists don’t know it, but the locals are scared. help us. help us. help us.
    • ‘i can’t wait to get out of this city,’ the teenagers say. the city will never let them go. sooner or later, they’ll come crawling back. they all come back eventually.
    • you get on the train. it passes Mawson Lakes. it passes Salisbury. it passes Elizabeth. it passes Gawler. are you ever getting off the train? is it ever going to stop? is it ever?

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Quarries of Scred on Steam

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    Bringing classic arcade games such as Boulder Dash and Dig Dug into the 21st century, Quarries Of Scred is an unapologetically brutal, retro-inspired arcade game designed to see just how far you’ll go to risk your bounty.

    You’ll question your sanity as you dive deeper into the quarry, hoping to return with a larger reward. And with each map being procedurally generated, you’ll never know what the next quarry will throw at you.

Congrats and hugs to NobleKale!