Today I played lots of games.

This morning I slept in after being up till two because of DnD and then i had to rush to have my long Sunday shower and get ready to run DungeonWorld for people online. I had been worried that I might not enjoy running DungeonWorld today because I might be too tired from last night and DungeonWorld might take too much from me but in the end it ended up being a really awesome session which ran easily for me and had a great energy and ended up being the most fun I’ve had running DungeonWorld for a while.

Once the adventure was over we decided to let BMO out for a play. He was a little aggressive today but he had a bath and while Emily was cleaning his room we had some fun playing with a coathanger which he realized he could push off the table as well as bells and hair ties and things.

By the time we had BMO back in his room I was already sleepy and ended up dozily playing words with friends before falling into a full on nap which lasted until it was time to go visit Julia and Eli. It was so nice to see them in our regul catching up type environment. We met the kittens they’re currently fostering and I was overcome by their cuteness a couple of times. They made delicious pasta and this amazing thing they called cookie pie which I loved. We chatted and played Mario Kart and Words With Friends and petted kittens and it was great.

I slept nearly enough (45%)
I ate mostly snacks and desserts (40%)
I didn’t exercise (0 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I’m back at work and all I know is I don’t want to be cold and tired.


Today I was a sleepy powerhouse.

We woke up at Ian’s apartment this morning and had enough time to get most of the last things cleaned up before he arrived home. He unpacked and showed off all the exciting things from his trip and even had gifts for us! We managed to get pretty much everything out of his house and hand things back to normal by the time we left. Once we were home we spent the afternoon cleaning because there have been and won’t be any serious opportunities to do so for weeks. It was really nice to get a bit more order in the house. In the evening we ended up playing DnD online with Sarah and Lloyd and Damon which was awesome and a rad adventure but went pretty late and by the end of it I was totally exhausted and I really don’t want to be tired for the DungeonWorld game I’m running tomorrow so now I need to sleep really solidly.

I slept lightly (45%)
I ate pretty trashily (40%)
I didn’t exercise (0 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I want to be a really good GM for this DungeonWorld game and then go visit Julia and Eli as a reward.

chuwenjie:So I thought I would share some visdev pieces that... by  Vurms Vurms( )


So I thought I would share some visdev pieces that I’ve had on my portfolio for a while! The project isn’t complete, but I’ve been adding new drawings to it once in a while when I have time. You can check out my portfolio here! (And of course, I’m also looking for internship/work opportunities for the summer, so if you like my work and are interested in taking me on for a project, you can email me at!)


Today I was a part of the Brightcookie team.

I drove to work today. As soon as I left the driveway my tea spilled so when I stopped in for petrol I also grabbed a chai latte that got upgraded to huge because they didn’t have any medium cups so most of my work day was between sleepiness sugar high and needing to pee.

After work I caught up with Emily and we made our way back to Ian’s apartment and did some tidying before I left for the Brightcookie team dinner at the Belgian beer cafe which was wonderful. I had such a nice time chatting with people from the office in an out of work context. Plus the food was really good, especially the waffles.

I got a lift back to the apartment with Alex and managed to catch the break end of Emily shooting pickups of Deana and Kate laughing. It was so nice to see Deana and Kate and Mahalah again even if only briefly before I needed to go to bed.

I slept too little (40%)
I ate heartily (60%)
I didn’t exercise (0 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow is mostly small things followed by DnD which at the moment is kinda looming over me but I’ll be fine and have fun when it gets around to it.


Today I saw a weird alternate universe on stage.

This morning we were up nice and early and went for a walk to the servo in the golden morning light as mist rose lazily from the damp earth. Once back at home we had a nice calm breakfast before I started on my work. I was super distracted as I worked today which was kind of unexpected but I managed to make some good progress regardless and by the end of the day I was happy with my work. After I was finished we got to insert some of Emily’s new 3d assets into Monadnock which was super exciting once we got it working. After I had posted some screenshots online Emily was feeling a little unsure of what to do next so I convinced her to come on my walk with me and together we listened to the Campaign Podcast crew attempting to play Noisy Person Cards and got sweet treats from the bakery which was all super lovely. Back at home we had a little sit for a while and Emily performed birdmum duties but it wasn’t long before it was time to get ready to go out. We picked up my Nana on the way into the city and then met my parents and Emily’s mum at the Dunstan playhouse to see Things I Know To Be True. SPOILERS AHEAD. It’s always a little odd watching plays written by Andrew Bovell because I was close friends with one of his kids in high school and so his excellent writing style which has that magical quality of incredibly feeling familiar and relatable just feels even more odd because you occasionally get glimpses of the past directly reflecting events from reality and then other times you can shoot the pastiche if multiple things mashed together. He’s honestly one of my favorite writers but tonight was a bit too specifically tough for me. Seeing a nurse and a car and garden man react super poorly to their firstborn coming out to them as a transwoman gave the play this whole other level for me as some kind of The Darkest Timeline which was fairly intense as the tragedy of the piece unfolded towards the end. I managed to not react any more intensely than appropriate, crying at the right times and all that but had to keep the conversation pretty vague with my parents afterwards. We dropped Nana off home and headed back to our place there was no chance of being slept on the drive home but I’ve we were there and the electric blanket was in bed beckoned me.

I slept restlessly again (40%)
I ate just about enough (15%)
I exercised a plenty (60 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow there’s a couple social situations I will need to move between and I just hope I have the skills to handle it.


Today I built things even though it was hard.

It was raining and cold today. It had better quit that quick smart. I was shaking by the time I got to work. At work I had my awesome work from yesterday constructively criticised which wasn’t exactly fun and then started work on this new project that while doable isn’t as much fun as building a new product. When I went for my Chai today I invited Cat along with me because she’d suggested it previously but it was right on that line between “nice” and awkward. Maybe “forced” is the word? Anyway, social skills are hard. Once I was done at work I headed home and had a hot chocolate on the way and thought about how no one in the city even gives me a second glance as far as I can tell and how lucky I am to have the level if passing privilege I have even if it’s not perfect. Once I was home Emily had prepared this super lovely warm sitting nest on the couch for me so after feeding and cuddling BMO  I nested in there and watched Adam Koebel Ryuutama vods and made myself work on The Republic despite the fact that it was difficult and uncomfortable work. I’m not sure what I want from The Republic and I’m not sure why I want to make it work or what I want it to do and yet I keep trying to push it through the mud and make it float despite my self imposed handicaps on it and I don’t know why I’m doing any of that. In the end managed to get it back to a state where it felt like a complete set of ideas that could be looked at and played even if they’re not set out in the most readable way and probably aren’t well balanced or fun and maybe not even playable. The point is that it’s a new draft that is complete and ready to be playtested, scrutinized, torn apart and worked on again.

Once I was finished with that Emily and I snuggled on the couch for the rest of the evening and started watching XXX-holic again from the start because we couldn’t remember where we were up to when we were watching it last.

Just before bed Emily showed me her rough cut for Perfect Timing which is really really good, but my reaction and the ensuing discussion just reinforced the points that came up in my therapy session the other week about how my requirement of myself to be a rockstar in the things that I do and the fact that I then critically measure other works by that same unreasonable standard is a dangerous and unhealthy way to live. But I can work on that. Learn to value myself as a person rather than by the things I make and the image I project and maybe eventually love myself and others more easily.

I slept pretty well (75%)
I ate things other than hot milk drinks I swear (75%)
I didn’t exercise (0 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow is another work from home day followed by seeing Andrew Bovell’s new play “Things I Know To Be True” with my family which I’m super excited about but also being constantly reminded of embarrassing myself in front of Andrew after a performance of When The Rain Stops Falling as a teenager every time I think about it.

Membership of a social nation-state is such an interesting value proposition. You pay a fee for protection from and by an armed force and some of that money is used to maintain that armed force and then some of it is used to help the needy, maintain infrastructure and increase the quality of life of everyone paying the fee. And then in democracies get to discuss and collectively decide how those fees are spent. It’s actually pretty neat.


Today I just kept getting things done.

This morning I got to sleep in a little which was nice and then when I sat down to work I just macked it. My work on this project was interrupted by needing to upgrade some software and install some plugins on a system for a demo my bosses wanted to run and then again by BMO having a very loud temper tantrum which I managed to end by taking him some food, giving him some cuddles and cleaning the bathroom but despite all that I managed to pretty much fully implement one of the most complex screens in the project I’m working on. Even if I did end up doing an hour of overtime I’m still super happy with the work I’ve done including creating one of the most elegant tree manipulation UIs I think I’ve ever seen.

Once I was finished work the sun was already starting to get low in the sky because winter is bullshit so I set out quickly on my walk and Emily joined me! It was really nice going along my familiar route listening to my favourite podcast, holding hands with my favourite person enjoying the golden sunlight as it slowly eked away and then stopping in at the bakery together, chatting to the lovely people there and getting sweet treats to eat at home and then coming home to just sit.

At dinner time we watched Game of Thrones at the end of which I was maybe crying a bit so we put on Adam Koebel’s @roll20app Ryuutama vods because they’re just adorable and I worked on The Republic on the laptop while Emily continued editing on Perfect Timing.

I slept pretty soundly (80%)
I ate a wide assortment of things (80%)
I exercised with Emily (45 mins)
I didn’t meditate (0 mins)

Tomorrow I am starting something new at work which is why I was rushing to finish things today but I’m not sure what these next few projects are going to be like so I hope they’re not too bad.

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