It’s a weird and wonderful world we live in.?

Some days are easy and carefree and others feel never endingly bitter.?

Today is filled with life. My cats have decided that right now is the perfect time to practice their sprinting, running all over the furniture and knocking everything over. The weather outside is continually changing from blue skies and sun drenched greenery to cold, grey winds and pouring rain. I totally ruined the poached eggs I was cooking for lunch, I have exactly $23 in my bank account and I have an hour long interview on live radio in about 30 minutes. Today is also the day that I finally release ‘Fledgling’.?

Fledgling is an album that was hard to write, it’s very honest and raw in it’s topic choices. I have poured as much of myself into each and every melody, drum part, lyric and arrangement as I possibly could and I have strived every day since writing it, to make sure it gets as much traction as it deserves.?

Last year, I asked my supporters to pledge to my Pozible campaign and help make this dream a reality. I was overwhelmed by the amount of love and kindness my band and I received. You wonderful people have made us feel so welcome and humbled. We really and truly cannot thank you enough.?

It is very nerve wracking for a musician, to try to stay steadfast in their choice of career. In many ways it is incredibly rewarding but it can also be very disheartening. We put so much of ourselves, our hearts, our life savings into our music to entertain and connect with you our fans. We do this because we love music, because we know you love music and we want you to enjoy our music and have an emotional response to it.?

The music industry is tough, no musician is paid what they are worth for their time and mostly it feels as if you are just building a large pile of money and burning it every month. Bills are hard to pay and it gets to be very stressful. But we persevere.?

I guess what I’m saying is that to each one of you that pledged to our campaign, to everyone who comes to see one of our shows, buys our songs, shares our statuses and tells people about our music. You are the reason I get out of bed every morning. You are the reason I am releasing an album today. You are my favourite people in the entire world because you support musicians and not enough people do. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being the sunshine between the storms. I will be forever grateful that you allowed me to dream.?

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Hey kids! ?If you’re a filmmaker, animator, or storyboard artist and you don’t know what screen direction is, you might want to read this.

For the record, there are always exceptions to the rule in filmmaking, which is why I pointed out 3 examples here.

I’ve also found that comic books tend to NOT take screen direction as seriously as film does, but I’m still on the fence if this is wise or not. ?My favorite comics pay close attention to screen direction so as to not confuse the reader.

Good luck!

I find that comics are best when following this as well. I sometimes get confused when screen directions aren’reft followed in manga when not done properly. anyways, great stuff, I remember learning this in storyboarding class.?

Awesome, ‘tis a good resource for both storyboarding and comics as said. I used to ignore it a lot when reading comics, but since starting my doujinshi I’ve paid more and more attention to directioning based on reader feedback and my own intuition with the flow of images, so yeah, i’d say applying this to comics is just as important as cinematography. *nod*

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Emily …