do you think like 600 years ago book nerds got real mad when the printing press was invented because filthy casuals could get books without having to copy them out themselves

Actually yes they did

and there were certain ancient Greeks who were angry when?writing?was invented, because it meant that literature was more accessible to the filthy casual masses

true shit, people

People never change do they

we got taller

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I love how they respond to him, as if he is actually a captain, even more.

Nasa confirmed for huge fucking nerds

William Shatner is secretly in control of all human space exploration.

I am in love with all of this.


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Is fanguying a thing now? What’s wrong with fanboy? Or fangirling as a man?


I have really awful dysphoria and I’m crying and whining like I haven’t since I was younger. I don’t understand being trans I don’t understand my body I just want to not feel this pain it makes me want to vomit my body is so weird and I don’t get it but I’m also scared that maybe I’m just a stupid cis man who convinced himself of this.

I’m not a man I don’t want to be a man I hate my body I hate it it makes no sense. I’m not a man i’m not i’m not fuck fuck fuck why did i have to pretend i’m a woman damnit fuck why does this suck I don’t get it things don’t make sense

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“When it hit above 43 degrees celsius in Sydney, weird things started happening. And by weird, I mean that bats. Just. Die. They can’t regulate their heat anymore. They just fall down and die. Loads of them. Birds stop singing, because it’s too hot to sing.?

The world just goes quiet.

And there’s me, standing there, thinking: well, more people need to know about this. There’s the abstract effect of climate change, but there’s that back of the neck chill, that absolute atavistic *fear* that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong when *the birds don’t sing anymore*.

That’s what climate change is. Yes, yes, sea levels rising, increased instability due to food security and everything else.

But it’s going to get too hot for the birds to sing.

That should scare the fuck out of you.?”

- Dan Hon (via worsethandetroit)
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